Beautiful decorations, hundreds of vendors, hot ciders and delicious food - you can definitely find all these awesome things at any Christmas Market. Most of you are familiar ( I hope) with the annual Toronto's Distillery Christmas Market and have probably been there at least once. You've taken pictures under the mistletoe, gone on the merry-go-round, bought a bunch of unique crafts and listened to holiday carols, to celebrate this wonderful season of joy.

Well, for your information there are other spectacular Christmas Markets to explore near Toronto that you're most likely not familiar with. They're located in these small cute villages, decorated with colorful lights and offer just as much entertainment. Do you enjoy exploring our beautiful province? Perhaps you should discover these 7 awesome holiday markets that are situated in these cute Ontario towns:

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1. Christkindl Market // Kitchener

Christkindl Market is a German Christmas festival hosted in Kitchener every year. With over 100 vendors, plenty of activities, sights and sounds to enjoy, a visit to Christkindl will take you on a trip to Germany. Actually though, at the closing ceremonies on Sunday December 4th, the event organizers a draw that will send 2 people on a trip to Germany!

Dates: December 1 - 4 th

Travel time: 1 hr 18 min

2. Christmas In Paris // Paris

Christmas in Paris is an annual event organized in the heart of this beautiful Ontario town. The shopping experience is truly delightful because there are plenty of talented artisans displaying and are glad to sell their creative work to visitors. It will only cost you $2.00 to have access to all four stunning different locations that will feature original art pieces and a variety of hand-worked items.

Dates: November 11 - 13 th

Travel time: 1 hr 20 min

3. Blue Mountain Christmas // Collingwood

This will be only the 2nd year that Blue Mountain is hosting a Christmas Market, and plenty of people are already looking forward to it. Live music, prizes and giveaways, activities and of course hundreds of vendors to check out during your visit.

Dates: November 26 -27th

Travel time: 2 hrs

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4. XMUS Festival // Bracebridge

The town of Bracebridge will be filled with holiday spirit starting the first week of December. The  Holiday Market, Festive Workshops, Not Your Average Caroling Party and even a Jack Frost Ice Lounge and an outdoor beer gardens are only some of the amazing features set for this event.

Dates: December 2 - 4 th

Travel time: 2 hrs

5. Village Nol Temiskaming // New Liskeard

Ice figures, Loon Vodka, Beaver Tails, and other cool kiosks featuring artisans, craftspeople and delicious food from North-Eastern Ontario and North-Western Quebec. Village Nol Temiskaming celebrates Christmas in a traditional, French style with great shopping, street performers, live music and plenty of other entertainment.

Dates: November 24- 26th

Travel time: 5 hrs

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6. Christmas Market // Creemore

The vibrant atmosphere and magical colors at the New Christmas Market in Creemore is going to get everyones holiday mood going. Explore vendors, eat delicious food, drink hot cider and do plenty of shopping!

Dates: December 2 - 3rd

Travel time: 1 hr 40 min


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