Fall is one of the best seasons in Canada. It's like springtime in that "it's not too hot, not too cold; all you need is a light jacket," but it also has the added bonus of the changing leaves and the beautiful colours all around.

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So if there was ever a good time to go camping, it's during the fall! Here are our top picks for Ontario parks to go camping at this fall:


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Algonquin Provincial Park has a plethora of maple hills, rocky ridges and lakes. There's lots to do here, from hiking, mountain biking, birdwatching, and water activities. Several campgrounds are also available, including those designated for cars or groups, as well as dog-free and walk-in sites.


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Awenda Provincial Park features over 2,900 hectares of forests along the shores of the Georgian Bay. 31-kilometres worth of trails, six campgrounds (some with roofed accommodations) and a lake for canoeing and kayaking make this a perfect place to go camping for a weekend.

Bon Echo

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Bon Echo Provincial Park is most recognizable for its 100-m high Mazinaw Rock, which contains a variety of Aboriginal pictographs. Canoeing and hiking are popular activities at this park, and there are several campgrounds available, including a few backcountry spots.

French River

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French River Provincial Park contains the first designated Canadian Heritage River, which was once a transportation route for First Nations peoples, explorers, fur traders and voyagers. The lakes within the park are interconnected, making for one long and glorious canoe route. This park is more suited for those interested in backcountry camping.


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Killarney Provincial Park has some of the most glorious views of the fall foliage. The Crack, in particular, provides a beautiful panoramic view of the entire park, including its main lakes and the La Cloche mountains. Backcountry camping, car camping, and various roofed accommodations are available at this park.


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Killbear Provincial Park features a rugged shoreline and several sand beaches. Hiking and biking trails are available, and there are several opportunities for sailing and windsurfing in its lakes. Car and group campgrounds, as well as roofed accommodations can be found here.


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Quetico Provincial Park is a wilderness park that has  everything from towering cliffs and waterfalls, to lush pine forests and gorgeous rivers. There are several trails for hiking, biking and birdwatching, as well as river routes for canoeing. Like French River, this park is more suitable for those looking to go backcountry camping.

Sleeping Giant

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Sleeping Giant Provincial Park features a giant rocky land mass that appears like a giant on its back when viewed from the certain angles. Over 80 km of trails are available, and a diversity of wildlife makes this park perfect for those who are interested in nature watching. Car, group and backcountry campgrounds are available, as well as select roofed accommodations.

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