One of the great things about living in Toronto is that it's relatively close to the US border. This opens up several opportunities for road travel, which is particularly advantageous as it spares people the financial burden of buying plane tickets.

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Sometimes we get so wound up in the beauty of our own country that we forget there's an entire world to explore just south of the border! Here are 9 US destinations that are only a short drive from Toronto:

Buffalo, NY

1 h 45 min

Buffalo is the second largest city in the state of New York. It has lots to offer, especially when it comes to arts, music and nightlife. A variety of restaurants, art galleries, historical sites, museums, and shopping outlets are available for visitors to explore.

Detroit, MI

3 h 54 min

Detroit may have fallen on hard times, but it's still a great destination to visit. If you look past the headlines, you'll find that Detroit still has a lot to offer. It's got beautiful buildings, a strong culinary game and a some of the best beer you'll ever have!

Syracuse, NY

4 h

Syracuse has a great mix of parks and urban areas. Its downtown core is filled with museums and art galleries, as well as several convention centres that are often the sites of major state fairs. There are also many parks available for guests to visit, including the popular Onondaga Lake Park.

Toledo, OH

4 h 44 min

Toledo is known for its vibrant waterfront scene. There are several attractions along its coastlines, from dock restaurants, outdoor concerts an nightlife hotspots. Within the city, there are also a lot of historical sites and natural areas available to explore.

Cleveland, OH

4 h 46 min

Cleveland has a bunch of major attractions to check out. Some notable places to visit in the city include the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cedar Point Amusement Park, the Cleveland Aquarium, Metroparks Zoo and the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.

Pittsburg, PA

5 h 5 min

Pittsburg may not be a typical destination choice, but it definitely has more to offer than just a good hockey team and steel. Like Toronto, it's got quite a selection of "hip" neighbourhoods that are full of independent coffee shops and boutiques. It's also got an awesome bar scene, and the people there are known to be very friendly.

Grand Rapids, MI

5 h 42 min

Grand Rapids is the second largest city in Michigan, with a population approaching 200,000. It was listed as one of the 52 Places To Go In 2016 by the NY Times, and deservedly so - it is home to five of the world's biggest festivals, and also has great beer, food, music and art scenes.

Saratoga Springs, NY

6 h 19 min

Saratoga Springs is a picturesque town that has a lot of artistic flair and old world charm. While it's not a bustling metropolis, it's cozy, Stratford-like character makes it a great place to escape the city.

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