Nothing is more therapeutic than a nice tall glass of wine. There's no shame in pursuing one's love for the popular adult drink, I mean it's wine for God's sake! Wine is probably one of the only things that you would purposely age for decades of years and pay hundreds of dollars to ingest.

And there are many oe·no·philes (people who just freaking love wine) who would go the extra mile to taste the different classy wines that the world has to offer whether it be a drive away to the St. Catherines region or a plane ticket away to the Toscana region of Italy.

That being said, would you go the extra mile for some good quality wine?

If you answered 'fvck yeah!', then here are 9 places in the world to get your passport ready for the ultimate wine hop:

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Prince Edward County, ON, Canada

Fun fact: because of the harsh climates that this region is under, the canes of the vines need to be buried under soil in order to make it through the freezes. And with that being said, the survival of these vineyards is what gives the produced wine its edge. Wine with an edge? Sign me up!

Winemakers to visit: Norman Hardie Winery. Hinterland Wine Company

Best time to visit? Late spring to early fall is the perfect time to get your wine on!

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Franciacorta, Italy

This Italian wine destination is best known for its sparkling wines which are beautifully balanced, and definitely a lot classier than the $3 cider at LCBO. The product from the vineyards are increasingly being regarded as one of the best sparkling wines in the world.

Winemakers to visit: Bellavista, Monte Rossa, Fratelli Berlucchi

Best time to go? Harvest Season!

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Galicia, Spain

This Spanish region in the countryside endures copious amounts of rain which turns the gorgeous countryside a beautiful shade of green. That being said, it's no wonder why a major part of the landscape is flourishing with gorgeous vineyards and wineries.

Winemakers to visit: Agro de Bazán, Bodegas Valdesil, Bodegas Regina Viarum

Best time to visit? Northern Spain is great all year 'round but late spring to early fall is probably your best bet for some great wine!

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Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux , France

Located in the southwestern part of France, Bordeaux is notably one of the most important and well known wine regions that all oe·no·philes MUST visit! The bottles of bordeaux that are sold at your local liqour store do not compare to the fresh glasses of bordeaux that this region in France is known for.

Winemakers to visit: Chateau La Dominique, Chateau Villemaurine, Chateau de Sales Pomerol

Best time to go? spring & fall are your best bets considering the moderate weather.

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Northern Thailand

The northern part of Thailand might not seem like the most conventional place to get a nice glass of wine, but surprisingly this region makes a rich cup of syrah not to mention a variety of other popular wines like rice wine and herbal wine.

Winemakers to visit: Mae Chan Winery, Hua Hin Hills, Chao Phraya delta

Best time to visit? you can visit all year 'round!

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Istria, Croatia

Dating back to the Ancient Greek settlers, Istria still has one of the best vineyards to make a variety of wines whether it be white or red, sparkling or rich. Indulge yourself in the riches (and amazing wine) that Istria has to offer!

Winemakers to visit: Kozlović Winery, Kabola, Villa Meneghetti

Best time to go? April to October

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Okanagan, BC, Canada

Located 240 miles east from Vancouver, this Canadian wine region is perfect for you to get away and breathe in the beautiful environment that some of the best Canadian wine thrive in.

Winemakers to visit: Dirty Laundry Vineyard, Black Hills Estate Winery, Calona Vineyards

Best time to visit? Spring & summer are your best best for some nice cold wine under the sun.

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Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley is probably one of the best wine destinations to visit when it comes to all things wine. Located in Northern California, this destination is perfect for wine lovers whether you're a noob or a wine expert. Not to mention, it doesn't hurt that you're in California as well!

Winemakers to visit: Chandon Caves, Sterling, Silverado Vineyards 

Best time to visit? California's great all year, but harvest season (from late August to early October) is the best time to taste the optimum amount of wine.

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Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Everything about New Zealand is absolutely beautiful from the surreal views to the mind blowing attractions But nothing beats the beautiful glasses of wine that this country has to offer. That being said, there are plenty of reason to visit a local visit in Hawkes Bay and enjoy all the amenities that the vineyards have to offer.

Winemakers to visit: Te Mata Estate, Elephant Hill, Clearview Estate

Best time to visit? Harvest time is generally in late May and the wine festivals take place in January/February.

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