As of today, there are 59 days left until Christmas. Some might say that’s a little too early to even think about holiday season, but with all the fun events and good vibes that come with that time of year, sometimes it’s just impossible contain the excitement.

One thing people in Ontario can look forward to is Blue Mountain’s Jingles & Joy event. This year, Blue Mountain Village will be turned into a dazzling winter wonderland, filled with thousands of “twinkling lights, festive storefronts and family-friendly entertainment.”

via @bluemountainvillage

Guests can immerse themselves in the village’s holiday-themed celebrations. Throughout the area, Christmas music fills the air, horse-drawn carriages pass leisurely by and shoppers weave in and out of decorated shops. Every Saturday night, the village is lit up with a display of fireworks, which offers the perfect end to a cozy winter night.

Of course, guests are also free to check out the resort’s ski slopes and award-winning spas during their visit, as such facilities are located right beside the village.

via @bluemountainvillage

This year, Jingles & Joy will run from Dec 1, 2018 to Jan 6, 2019. Stay tuned on the Blue Mountain Village website for the release of the full event listing!

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