On Thursday, the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) and Expedia, Inc. released the results of a study looking at worldwide air travel trends. Why is this important to you?

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Well, according to the complete ARC-Expedia study the average ticket price for economy class has been dropping all over the world and are the cheapest then've been since 2013!

“Overall ticket prices continue their multi-year decline and we see nothing in the near-term data to suggest a change in this trend, especially with the increase in airline seat capacity,” ARC Managing Director Chuck Thackston said in a statement.  AKA IT MIGHT ONLY GET CHEAPER! (or at least still the same, which is pretty sweet too).

Which means it's a perfect time to travel! So where are you off to? Why not try one of these cheap vacations to escape winter (hotel included):

via @mharessa_oficial

1. Orlando: 6 nights // $567 

via @visitcancun

2.  Cancun: 4 nights // $431 

via @jessgrambau

3. Puerto Vallarta: 4 nights // $534

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