You don't need your passport to experience a mini slice of Europe. The quaint Kleinburg village in Ontario looks just like a mini town in Scotland and it has tons of charm. Pretend you're on a European vacation at this cute destination right outside of Toronto.

If you're looking for a mini-vacation without leaving the province, you should put this spot on your bucket list. 

This community exists within the actual City of Vaughan, but is considered its own entity and has its own BIA. 

The main street is full of European-inspired cafes that you can spend the afternoon hanging out in. 

You'll also find loads of charming boutiques, shops, restaurants and spas that will make you forget you're just outside of Toronto. 

Your dinner reservation, dessert stop and coffee will all be within walking distance, and the place is full of espresso and gelato selections.

Pretend you're on vacation overseas by taking an evening stroll through the streets after dinner just like they do in Europe. 

You can even wander the hiking trails by day and take in the hills while walking along the Humber River.

The small-town charm and large porches will give you all the travel vibes without being stuck on a plane for hours. 

This place was established in 1848, and the Group of Seven used the area as inspiration for their paintings. 

The picturesque aesthetic continues to live on in this Ontario town that looks just like a mini slice of Europe

You can also visit the McMichael Gallery and the Kortright Center for Conservation while you're there.

This isn't the only small town that you can explore if you want to be transported across the globe. 

Cambridge, Ontario also boasts adorable buildings and quaint streets that will make you feel like you're on a European adventure. 

Village of Kleinburg

Address: Kleinburg, Vaughan, ON

Why You Need To Go: Pretend you're in Europe at this picturesque village right outside of Toronto

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