It’s never to early to start mapping out those future summer adventures. And if you’re looking to have a screaming good time then we’ve got the perfect Toronto day trip for you. Located just a few hours from the 6ix, you need to add these Screaming Heads sculptures at Midlothian Castle to your future bucket list ASAP. 

The unusual sculptures are featured on Canadian artist Peter Camani’s property just outside of Muskoka.

The property, often referred to as Midlothian Castle, was actually featured on the very first episode of MTV's Extreme Cribs.

The whimsical destination is roughly three hours from Toronto, making it an ideal day trip for you and the squad.

Camani even allows people to wander around his art gallery of a backyard completely free of charge, though donations are accepted.

It sounds like we’ll be adding this place to our travel wishlist.

Some of the screaming heads tower 20 feet in the air, but the property features an array of different sculptures in all shapes and sizes.

Midlothian Castle also hosts an annual Harvest Festival in the fall and the colours would blow your mind.

So if you love exploring Ontario and discovering new, eerie places, you need to visit this spot.

Camani’s property has been featured on various TV shows, travel websites, and other documentaries.

It seems people can’t get enough of the massive sculptures.

In addition to the faces, visitors will also find sculptures of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, two-headed dragons, and more spread throughout the site.

With over 100 sculptures in total, there’s plenty for you to see here.

And if that wasn't enough, you can visit year-round, too!

So, if you're the kind of person who can't get enough of Halloween and insists being spooked isn't just for October 31, here's your chance!

If you’ve been busy planning out all of the places you want to visit in the future, be sure to add this little gem to the list.

Especially if you love a good spook!

Screaming Heads

Price: Free admission

Address: 925-1201 Midlothian Rd., Burk's Falls, ON 

Why You Need To Go: These unique sculptures make the perfect spooky day trip destination. 

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