Are you a lover of all things creepy and crawly? If so, you need to plan a trip to Ontario, where a brand new zoo that's dedicated entirely to reptiles is opening.

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Reptilia is Canada's largest fully indoor reptile zoo. The company's original facility in Vaughan will be surpassed in size by the upcoming facility in Whitby, which will span a total of 31,000 square feet. More than 250 amphibians and arachnids will be featured at the zoo, from poisonous frogs to giant, hairy tarantulas.

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"Seeing the popularity of the Vaughan location, we wanted to give more to the different communities, so there’s a big expansion plan going on right now where we’re hoping to open facilities like this in areas where we see large populations of people, and especially children,” stated Lee Parker, the site manager at Reptilia, during a media event.

Parker adds that Whitby is a fitting choice for the new facility because there are several reptile owners in the community.

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Reptilia has serviced people across the GTA and Ontario for over two decades now. It provides tailored educational experiences, community events, children's camps, birthday parties, and even professional training for Environment Canada employees, emergency workers and the Canadian military. At the zoo, guests can learn about different reptiles through live shows, interactive tours and animal feedings. There are even programs to help people with reptile phobias to get over their fears.

Reptilia is also a Caza-accredited facility, which means that it serves as a humane agency to help protect and conserve the reptiles it rescues. It will also generate 50 new local jobs when it opens this June.

Stay tuned on the Reptilia website for the latest updates.

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