It's that time of night, the sun is getting closer and closer to hugging the horizon and it somehow transforms the sky into a colour you can only describe as unbelievable. No type of photo can really capture this moment and the second the sun sinks and the sky turns dark you start the countdown towards your next sunset.

Wait, Leo is that you? Are we in Inception? Did I just step inside your dream and write it out in the paragraph above!? That's the beauty of sunsets, they are as stunning as they are universally loved; they're everybody's dream. They're backdrops for romantic cliches, strolls along the beach, nature escapes, and urban patio power hour utopia. Sunsets are the most beautiful compliment to any kind of day you're having and it's pretty much a real life dream come true to find the perfect one.

But what happens when you can't find a great location to watch one?! Don't worry, we won't make you head down that (literally) dark path. Luckily for us, we're Canadian. And if you ever doubt the true Canadian beauty, just remember we were the country that Ryan Gosling came from. That kind of beauty has got to be bred in some f*cking stunning grounds if you ask us.

There is literally no mountain high enough, no valley low enough, and no river wide enough that will keep us from finding that beautiful sunset. Canada blessed us with some of these spots where we can have those moments that you can't even dream of. They're the bucket list moments. Check out the list below, grab your friends, your significant other, your dog - WHOEVER. Just go and start the adventure. And don't worry about rushing through, the sun will set again tomorrow.

1. Ogden Point // British Columbia

There is a reason the saying 'west coast best coast' came to life - and it may just be this stunning sunset in Victoria. All you have to do is head down to the Ogden Point Breakwater (under a 40 minute walk from downtown) to take in this stunning view.

Highlights: You can easily walk from one of the shops downtown with your latte in one hand, bae in the other, to the Breakwater. This makes it the perfect sunset for couples or anyone looking to get some much needed serene alone time.

2. Roosevelt Campobello International Park // New Brunswick

The spot that was suited for a former American President obviously needs to be stunning, and that is exactly what you will get with Roosevelt Campobello International Park. Home to Franklin D. Roosevelt's summer retreat, half in America and half in Canada there is over 11km of surrounding heritage and park to take in the regal sunset. Tour the home during the day, take in the beauty at night. You don't have to trek long for this beauty either, a 5 minute stroll to the water will give you all you need.

Highlights: This would be an unreal spot to go for all history buffs or anyone that can't deal with FULL on nature (don't worry we got you). If you want a great combo of tour and the great outdoors, head here. They even have a Tea with Eleanor service, where you can enjoy some tea and complimentary homemade cookies while listening about the life of Eleanor Roosevelt's like on Campobello Island. It is some Michelle Obama level tea time inspiration.

3. Ottawa River // Ottawa

Stretching from Ontario to Quebec there are some places to put your blanket down and take in the colours that are the gems along the one thousand plus stretch of water. And while taking in a true Canadian sunset, what better place to do it in than our glorious and free capital?

Highlights: Obviously there isn't just one spot to watch the sunset in Ottawa, that would be a little creepy and dystopian-esque. The real problem is where to watch it from with all the unreal options?! We recommend hitting up Britannia Park or the Champlain Lookout in Gatineau Park. But what about the true patriots who can't bear to part with Trudeau? If you head behind the Supreme Court and the follow the stairs down near the water fountain, you will find a view that would inspire the likes of Champagne Papi.

4. Tofino // British Columbia

It's unofficially confirmed that Coldplay's song Paradise was inspired by this stunning West Coast region. Okay so that may be a stretch, but it is your little slice of an outdoor utopia nevertheless. This region is renowned for its surfing, sandy beaches, art galleries and oh ya - THE BEAUTIFUL OCEAN RIGHT THERE. Sitting on the peninsula's top of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, it is the next stop on your bucket list for an unreal view.

Highlights: Tofino is one of those special places that offers a ton of options for you and your squad to watch the sunset on an outdoor getaway. For anyone looking for a leisurely way to experience stunning views, hit up Chesterman Beach. Parking is free and only 100 ft. from the beach - wander along the beach and take in those views. Some other must visits include Long Beach, Wildside Trail on Flores Island (by Tofino) for those who love hiking and Cox Bay Beach!

5. Vermilion Lakes // Alberta

West of Banff in Banff National Park, and tucked away in the Rocky Mountains awaits one of the most patriotically picturesque spots you may ever encounter. It really exemplifies quality over quantity with its three lakes being a must hit stop from anyone driving through or from Banff.

Highlights: For anyone whose idea of a good time is a winding road taking in the sunset, this is the car ride for you. Take a car from Banff through the winding roads and you'll find beauty at every corner. Take the drive about an hour before stopping around the lakes to take some photos! You'll get great photos, and more importantly, memories of the reflection of the grand mountain against the cool water.

6. Kelowna // BC

When you are in a city in the Okanagan Valley, surrounded by provincial parks, vineyards, orchards and mountains that are probably too high for even Marvin Gaye - you know you are in a great spot. With its long summers and short winters, this is the perfect spot to hit year round to get that once in a life time sunset view.

Highlights: The small town charm is not only home to amazing views, but also amazing places to view them from - making your experiences that much better. For all the wine lovers, you can head to the Westside Wine Trail and stop at the Mission Hill Family Estate. There is also Dilworth Mountain Park in Glenmore, which has easy walking trails to get you to your view!

7. L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site // Newfoundland and Labrador

Need some adventure? Head to the same spot that the vikings landed in when they reached the New World. The L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites because it is the first and ONLY Norse site in North America (Norse are explorers that landed in North America). Dive into history and some stunning landscapes before watching the sun sink deep into the horizon. It is one of those once in a lifetime experiences that you won't forget anytime soon.

Highlights: Being on the most Northerly tip of Newfoundland makes it sound like this adventure is only cut out for the vikings. But it is actually only 51 km from the nearest airport and there are plenty of interpreters to tour you around. There's nothing like taking in the history of the world before seeing the sun that set when it actually happened.

8. Grand Bend // Ontario

Hate when there's only ONE spot to really take in the sunset? We feel you. That, on top of the unreal view, is why we are heading over to the adorable community of Grand Bend in Ontario. Though they've been around since the 1800's, it seems like we just got the memo for the the next spot on our sunset bucketlist with the stunning colours you get to experience over Lake Huron.

Highlights: With almost 50 km of continous beaches, this spot takes your long walk on the beach seriously. Head down through the welcoming town to the beach, where there are plenty of spots to take in the never ending view!

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9. Riding Mountain National Park // Manitoba

There are some people that dismiss the middle of our country as simply "flat land," and we REFUSE to belittle the middle of our country like that. We are patriotic and we love sunsets! Translation: we are not gonna dismiss any part of our glorious, free land in our search for the best view. Especially not in the park that offers almost 3,000 km worth of you to explore to find that view.

Highlights: The love we were looking for was right in the middle of our country all along. The sunsets among this park are unparalleled because of their stunning expansive horizons and reflecting lakes. With a great combination of townsites (that have shops and restaurants), plus hiking and biking trails, there is really something for everyone here. Head to Clear Lake and see for yourself. Road trip anyone?

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10. Tignish // Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is surely living up to its royal title with its regal sunset. The top tip of this east coast province is the place to hit to take in the expansive views of the sea.

Highlights: Whether you are taking in a romantic retreat or a squad vacation, the quaint town of Tignish has got you covered for the rest and relaxation portion of your sunset travels. Want to spend some time on the beach? You can rent cottages or a campground with Waterford Cottages and Campground! Feeling adventourous? Check out the remnants of the Elephant Rock! You can take in the sunset in more ways than you thought possible in this small province.

11. Toronto Island // Ontario

Now lets bring it back to the 6ix, the home of Drake and, obviously, the ultimate views. So all we have to ask, is where to find the best of the best #views? We are heading to the Toronto Island, for a little bit of a nature escape from the urban scene we love, but all could use a break of every once and awhile.

Highlights: Not only is the ferry super cheap to get to the island, but with the combo of the Toronto skyline, and the stunning sunset - you'll have the urban sunset experience you've always wanted. Don't want the view of the 6ix? Just head to the other side of the island for a city-less view of the equally gorgeous Lake Ontario!

12. Emerald Lake Yoho National Park // Alberta

Usually we don't subscribe to the whole "bigger is better" myth, but here, we back that claim. Emerald Lake is the largest of Yoho's 61 lakes and ponds and is world renouned for its picturesque scenery (i.e. the insane f*cking mountain range that surrounds the crystal clear lake).

Highlights: A picture is worth a thousand words and we are not going to even try to beat THAT photo.

13. Cape Breton // Nova Scotia

More than just an island on the east coast, Cape Breton's amazing landscape and views has landed itself a rightfully earned reputation as one of the the top scenic stops of the world. Gaelic, Aboriginal and Acadian cultures, mixed with stunning trails, forests and coastlines, create an ultimate sunset experience.

Highlights: The amount of stunning locations to watch the sunset seem to be endless on this must hit stop on the east coast. Head to Skyline Trail or Cabot Trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park!

14. Sombrio Beach // British Columbia

There is just something about this beach in B.C. that makes life seem that much sweeter. Maybe it's the fact that it is part of the beauty of Juan de Fuca Provincial park, enjoyed by hikers and day trippers alike. But more importantly, it is just another testament to the absolute glorious nature of our country.

Highlights: You can get to this beach right off of Hwy 14 and all you have to do to get there is walk the 250 m access trail to get to your bucket list stop. That means it is perfect for any couple looking for a change in the usual restaurant and movie date. Why not take your significant other for a picnic before watching something no film could capture? Make sure you respect hikers though as this is the 29 km of the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail!

15. Lake Louise // Alberta

Probably the origin of #nofilter, Lake Louise has beauty so surreal you won't believe you are not actually staring at a movie backdrop. Beautiful turquoise water mixed with the sun gracefully setting behind Mount Victoria equals a view to miss!

Highlights: Not the type to hike 50 km before your ultimate #view? No worries, Lake Louise gives you all the beauty you will ever need while you walk around the lakeside path. It is also wheelchair accessible!

16. Beaufort Sea // Northwest Territories

To round off our list we are taking #WeTheNorth WAY north to Northwest Territories Beaufort Sea! North of this unreal territory sits the sea that will give you a rugged view you will never forget.

Highlights: Our country is so unbelievable, yet many people have never travelled up to this surreal part of Canada. Going here means immersing yourself in all that this country has to offer by getting a unparalleled view from the true north.

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