Fancy a tropical getaway? New flight deals will land you in Cancun for a very affordable price in 2018.

Google Flights reports multiple round trip flights from Toronto to Cancun on sale next year for $397. The sale period runs throughout the entire month of January, February, March and April, with some dates in the first week of May as well.

via @aviation_man101

The flights, which will be facilitated by Delta airlines, will include amenities like Wi-Fi and in-seat power on certain legs of the trip. Several date combinations are available, from one week vacations to over one month vacations.

Here are two example flights you can book - one 5-day vacation and one 7-day vacation (including travel time):

1. Toronto to Cancun - 5 days

  • Trip period: Jan 8-13, 2018
  • Cost: $397 (after taxes and fees)

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2. Toronto to Cancun - 7 days

  • Trip period: Jan 5-12, 2018
  • Cost: $397 (after taxes and fees)

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To book your flight, go to Google Flights and search for round trip flights from Toronto to Cancun within the aforementioned sale period. Select your desired travel period by selecting departure and return date marked at $397 and proceed to the booking by following the links at the bottom of the page.

The links will either direct you to to complete the bookings, or to a number you can call to speak directly to a representative. Happy travels!

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