There's something about summertime that makes eating from trucks so much more appealing. You're sitting on a picnic table in the sunshine, a cold drink in your hand, enjoying some super satisfying food truck eats. 

Doesn't that just sound like the perfect summer moment right about now? The food truck scene has grown from the simple ice cream trucks, taco trucks and poutine trucks of our childhoods, though. Food trucks are no longer spots to grab simple junk foods anymore, they're actually all about coming up with creative, innovative ways to eat your favourite meals now! 

If you're looking to try all the craziest food trucks Ontario has to offer, you definitely don't want to miss the Canadian Food Truck Festival that's going to be touring multiple cities in Ontario this summer!

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The Canadian Food Truck Festival will start around the end of July and go until the beginning of September hitting 5 Ontario cities along the way. You can find the festival in Burlington from July 20th-22nd, in Toronto from August 3rd-6th, in Pickering from August 10th-12th, in Richmond Hill on August 18th and 19th, and finally in Brampton on September 1st and 2nd. 

Each festival will host a total of 30-50 food trucks with some of the best food truck eats in the country! Entrance to each event is completely free to the public all you have to do is pay for any food or drinks you'd like to enjoy while you're there. 

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While the official lineup of food trucks that will be attending each festival hasn't yet been released, the roster from last year was pretty stacked. Some notable trucks included Eva's Original Chimney's with their ice cream donut cones, Heirloom Toronto with their cheesecake on a stick, Fully Loaded TO with their fried chicken waffle cones, and sooo much more!

Without a doubt the Canadian Food Truck Festival has a similar lineup in store for us with even more exciting additions! Don't miss out on the culinary experience of a lifetime this summer in one of these Ontario towns. 

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Check out their website for more information. 

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