Ontario is home to the coveted City of Waterfalls: Hamilton. The steel town features over 100 waterfalls and cascades, each uniquely carved and arranged by nature. Though most people often wait for the warmer weather to arrive before heading out to visit them, they are still open to the public during the winter and are just as magical (if not, more) to look at.

This winter in particular will offer some incredible views of the waterfalls, since the extreme cold weather that has plagued the region over the past few weeks has caused them to partially or entirely freeze over. Those interested in an exhilarating winter hike should embark on the Bruce Trail - a 10.3-km walk that will take you to see some of the best waterfalls in the region.

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The trail is mostly flat with some hills, and its paths are likely paved or gravel.  It will take you from Felker’s to Albion Falls:

  1. Begin your journey at Felker’s Falls, a 22-metre ribbon waterfall that cascades over a steeped terrace.
  2. Continue west through the Bruce Trail’s multi-use East Mountain Trail Loop, which will take you through a beautiful Conservation Area in the Hamilton and Lake Ontario region.
  3. As you reach the Red Hill Valley Parkway, you’ll see a dozen small waterfalls called Glendale Falls, which are best views from the east side of the surrounding creek.
  4. Continue downhill on the Bruce Trail to the Mountains Brow Side Trail to emerge at Albion Falls, a beautiful staircase of water with several vantage points along its top. It may be fenced off now for safety reasons, but you might still be able to get good views of it from the bottom.
  5. Nearby (680 m away) is also Buttermilk Falls, a small waterfall that often gets larger during heavy rainfall. 

Of course, it goes without saying that this hike should be taken upon with extra caution, as conditions will be much more slippery and hazardous. For more information on this trail, visit BruceTrail.org.

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