It hasn't even snowed in Ontario yet, but some of us are already planning snow-related activities for the winter. Although snow is surely more of a burden than a joy in Toronto, there are several places beyond the city where it actually adds magic to an experience.

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One of those places is Nordik Spa-Nature, located the entrance of Gatineau Park (which is 10 minutes from downtown Ottawa). From Toronto, it's only a short 4 hr and 50 min trip by car. According to the company's website, the spa is the largest in North America, with luxurious installations including seven outdoor baths, eight saunas, an infinity pool, a salt-water floating pool, a restaurant and a lounge.

The spa has received multiple awards in recent years, including Innovator of the year at the 2013 Ottawa Tourism Awards. Though it's open all year round, it's winter experience is the one you really need to check out.

Hot springs, baths and waterfalls in the spa's outdoor facilities will keep you warm in the cold and chilly winter weather. Snow-covered evergreens and rooftops, as well as soft-coloured lights and a star-speckled night sky creates an ambience that will make you want to stay there forever.

The spa also offers several different packages, from massages and body care to cold and thermal experiences. They even offer a traditional Nordic Källa floating treatment, which is conducted in a large, recessed saltwater pool that is 5-metres deep.

via @nordikspanature

via @nordikspanature

via @nordikspanature

via @nordikspanature

Make reservations at Nordik Spa-Nature through their website here.

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