Get ready for a star-filled night — a resort in Ontario is offering a two-night getaway in a unique accommodation that lets you view the stars through the roof.

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Evergreen Forest Bed & Breakfast is a forest getaway in the Bruce Peninsula that has a one-of-a-kind Woodland Suite, which is built with a glass roof. This allows guests to take in the glory of the night sky and its stars completely indoors, in the comfort of their bed.

Via Evergreen Bed & Breakfast

“Enjoy the surround-sound nature, with twelve huge screen windows wafting the evening's gentle caress to your bedside,” reads the resort’s description. “Under the clear roof, follow the stars as they wheel above the treetops. Nestle into your evening address, like the other denizens of the forest, and enjoy the night-time show.”

The Woodland Suite sits at the end of a tree-lined gravel path within the hardwood forest of the Niagara Escarpment. You’ll see cute critters moving about, hear the sounds of nature, and smell the scent of the surrounding cedars along the way.

Via Evergreen Bed & Breakfast

Inside the suite is a beautifully decorated room complete with a luxurious bed, in-room television, and high-speed WiFi. The room is heated and also 100% bug-proof, so you won’t have to worry about being visited by creepy crawlies at night. At the rear, a door opens to a raised boardwalk that leads to your own private washroom.

Throughout the day, you can go on nature hikes along the Bruce Trail, join guided tours, and enjoy your meals at the 24-hour lounge and cafe on-site. There are also free telescope nights held at the resort during nights when the skies are clear, so you can get a more in-depth stargazing experience.

Bookings start at $219 per night, per person. For more information, visit the Evergreen Forest Bed & Breakfast website.

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