With Halloween fast approaching, several people are starting to plan out what scary activity they're going to do this year. But instead of resorting to Screemers or some other type of generic spook fest, why not try visiting some real haunted places?

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This awesome map will take you to some of the scariest places in the province:

1. Fort George

Fort George is a historic site that was the location of several battles during the War of 1812. It is allegedly haunted by the ghosts of past soldiers who died there.

2. Old Fort Erie

Old Fort Erie is a British fort that was built after the Seven Years' War. Like Fort George, it is also haunted by the ghosts of dead soldiers.

3. Merritton Tunnel

The Merritton Tunnel is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of individuals who died from fatal accidents during its construction. Visitors have reported odd occurrences, including hearing screams and feeling nauseous while in the tunnel.

4. Albion Falls

Albion Falls is was the site of a suicide in the early 19th century. A girl named Jane Riley jumped off the waterfall after being heartbroken by her love, and her ghost is said to remain there today.

5. Coach & Lantern Pub

Coach & Lantern Pub is an old, 1700s bar that is home to the ghost of a plaid-wearing caretaker who died in a fire in the 1980s. Many guests have reported odd experiences while dining at the bar.

6. Augusta's Winking Judge

Augusta's Winking Judge has a ghost named "The Judge" that haunts its men's washroom on the upper floor. He is often seen dressed in a dark suit and top hat.

7. Dundurn Castle

Dundurn Castle was once the home of a man named Allan McNab who lived in the 1800s. Though the castle isn't known to have been the site of unpleasant events, many guests have reported odd paranormal activity in various rooms of the building.

8. Hockey Hall of Fame

The Hockey Hall of Fame is said to be haunted by the ghost of Dorothy Mae Elliot, a teenager who shot herself in the ladies' washroom in 1953. Flickering lights and randomly moving objects have been reported by past visitors.

9. Mackenzie House

The Mackenzie House was once the home of Toronto's first mayor, William Lyon Mackenzie. His ghost is said to linger through the halls of the house today.

10. Jester's Court Pub & Eatery

Jester's Court is said to be haunted by a lady in a blue dress, an old woman, and several unnamed children. Paranormal experiences have been reported by guests who sat at Table 13 of the restaurant.

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