Ever wonder if you'd survive being stranded on an island? In Ontario, there's a Lost-themed escape room where you can find out just how good your survival instincts are.

Created by Escape Canada, an entertainment company in Hamilton, the Dharma Initiative Escape Room recreates the fateful crash of the Oceanic Flight 815 that left Jack Shephard, Kate Austen and a bunch of other survivors on a mysterious island. The room faithfully takes elements from the TV show, from the desert island setting to the iconic Dharma Initiative underground bunker, making it an absolute treat for die-hard Lost fans.

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The escape room description reads as follows:

"This Lost-inspired escape room will require some attention to detail. The last thing you remember is sitting in your seat on Oceanic Flight 815 thinking the turbulence you’re feeling is normal. Now, the half of the plane you were on is sitting on a beach on a strange island in the middle of nowhere. You’re still strapped to your chair, and what’s left of the fuselage is filling up with smoke at an alarming rate. As bad as this looks, it’s not the worst of your problems. 

The plane crash was no accident, and the place where you landed is not just an island. It seems to be cut off from the rest of the world, yet there are strange things happening everywhere. Animals that shouldn’t be on a tropical island are thriving, people see things from their past everywhere they look, and strange research facilities can be found deep in the jungle. Gather your friends and prepare for a journey unlike any you have ever experienced as you try to learn the secrets of the Dharma Initiative and try to make your way back to civilization."

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The room can accommodate teams of three to ten players and has been given a difficulty of six stars, making it the hardest one at the Escape Canada facility. You and your friends must combine your wits and instincts to successfully make it off of the island alive.

Escape Canada is located at 151 York St Blvd and bookings can be made online. The game costs $28.25 per person to play. 

Good luck!

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