Lake Superior has some of the most spectacular views around. In Ontario, there are several points of interest that are worth stopping at during your drive, from scenic summits to ocean vistas.

Just south of the town of Wawa lies a secluded beach that represents one of the province's best spots for outdoor exploration. Old Woman Bay features a long sandy beach tucked within a series of cliffs that stretch 200 metres high. It offers an amazing view of Lake Superior and showcases the beauty of the Algoma region.

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The bay is a great location for a day trip. Many visitors like to have picnics or small bonfires at the beach, go nature watching in the surrounding forests, or even brave a cold swim in the lake's waters.

There are also several hiking trails to conquer, including the Nokomis Trail, which meanders along 5 kilometres of the northeastern side of the bay.

There are no camping sites at Old Woman Bay, however, the Rabbit Blanket Lake Campground is a short drive from the site for those interested in spending the night.

Plan your trip to Old Woman Bay today!

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