The idea that Canada is nothing but snow and cold weather has probably led to the belief that warm beaches don't exist in the country. However, that couldn't be farther from the truth, as there are actually several great beaches in Canada that make great destinations for the summer.

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One Canadian town in particular has a spectacular beach that has tourists from all over flocking to it. Port Stanley in southwestern Ontario features an amazing stretch of sandy beach along the northern shore of Lake Erie. It is one of only 26 beaches in Canada to have been designated with official Blue Flag status for its commitment to water quality and safety.

Along the beach are several cute cottages that are available to rent for a relaxing summer getaway. Beach activities such as volleyball, sailing and windsurfing all take place by the water, and the town's shops, cafes and restaurants are located in the nearby downtown core.

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Those looking for a more intimate place by the water can head over to Port Stanley's Little Beach, a secluded 185-m long sandy beach with warm shallow waters.

Experience the hype and plan a trip to Port Stanley this summer!

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