People who think Canada only has snow and cold weather to offer are tragically misinformed. There are several beautiful sandy beaches in the country that dispel that inaccurate notion, including an impressive collection found across Ontario.

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One of those beaches is Crystal Beach, which is located on the shores of Lake Erie. It got its name for the characteristically crystal clear waters that roll into its sandy shores. The beach is a popular attraction that draws thousands of tourists every summer, particularly from the Niagara, New York and the GTA. 

A typical summer day at Crystal Beach involves a relaxing dip in the water, lounging on the white sand, and indulging in a variety of watersports activities like sailing, paddleboarding and beach volleyball.

Historically, the beach was once home to an amusement park with roller coasters, gorgeous hotels, bathhouses, dancehalls and fine dining restaurants. However, when the park closed in 1989, the beach was forced to rebuild itself back to its former glory.

Today, it looks like Crystal Beach has made great progress in its redevelopment, featuring new and improve specialty shops, spas, restaurants, patios, art and yoga studios, and a bustling nightlife community.

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