Stargazing will never be outdated. Since ancient times, people have looked to the sky for answers to the mysteries of our existence. As humans, our fixation with the sky and its elements stems from a burning desire to uncover something beyond that which we've always known.

Today, the glare of city lights and the cloudiness of pollution make it difficult for urban dwellers to appreciate the night sky in its entirety. The best solution to this problem is to head out to the rural areas, where the skies are clear and space is plentiful.

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In Ontario, there's one county that with an area dedicated solely to viewing the night sky. The Lennox-Addington County is a region of towns that stretches north from Kingston. Near one of its towns is the most southerly dark sky viewing site in the province, which gives a protected, pollution-free clearing for stargazing.

Located 37 kilometres north of the town of Napanee, the L&A County Dark Sky Viewing Area offers a stargazing experience similar to what was available over 100 years ago. The stars shine brightest in this section of sky, so viewers will be able to see everything in incredibly sharp detail.

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The site has a spacious parking lot, as well as a concrete landing for those who would like to set up a telescope or a camera. It is open everyday from morning until night, and no reservations are required - you simply have to make the drive and find a good spot to enjoy the light show.

So pack some blankets and hot chocolate, and enjoy the night sky as it is meant to be seen.

For more information, visit Lennox-Addington County's website.

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