Ontario is home to several gorgeous provincial parks and natural areasIn a world dominated by wireless devices and data, it's nice knowing that there are places in our province that we can retreat to to get away from all of that.

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Most people flock to more common parks, such as the Algonquin, Killarney or Bon Echo. But there's one provincial park in particular that's relatively off the beaten path and is absolutely worth visiting.

Potholes Provincial Park is a cozy, 247-hectare park near Wawa that features some of the most intriguing natural formations around. Throughout the area, you'll find massive water-filled caverns that were carved out into the rock by a passing river. Water continuously flows through the gaps in the rock, and some portions even terminate at small but gorgeous tumbling waterfalls.

Short walking trails and boardwalks around the park are lined with unique bedrock formations and the thick of the boreal forest. Along your hike, you may encounter a variety of songbirds, including Warblers, flycatchers and Northern Sparrows, which the park is known for having an abundance of. You will also run into the Kinniwabi River, which cuts through the park and offers even more scenic views.

Although Potholes Provincial Park is only a day-use park, it makes for an excellent day trip and is definitely worth taking a road trip to. If you're looking to camp, Lake Superior Provincial Park is a short drive west.

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Plan your trip to Potholes Provincial Park today!

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