If you look outside your window right now, you'll see piles of snow and you can just feel the frigid air seeping through your front door and windows. At this point, it doesn't feel like spring is coming any time soon but it's actually just several short weeks away! 

If you're trying to get yourself out of the winter blues the best thing to do is to start planning all of the fun things you want to do when the weather heats up and the flowers begin to bloom again. That should definitely include the Oshawa Peony Festival that is officially taking place again this year! 

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The city of Oshawa is located just outside of Toronto and hosts it's very own Peony Festival every year in their stunning Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens. This year the festival will be held on June 15th and 16th from 10-4 both days. 

The festival is hosted by the Canadian Peony Society and holds over 300 fragrant and colourful peonies in full bloom! The gardens also hold architectural features and water fountains making for the perfect backdrop for a stunning flower festival like this one. 

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Not only will there be hundreds of peonies in full bloom to enjoy during the festival, but they'll also be setting up stunning garden-inspired works by painters, sculptors and artisans throughout the grounds. There will be food from local restaurants being sold, musical and cultural performances, and trails and garden access to further explore the area. 

The best part is that it's a completely free event so you won't have to spend a dime to enjoy these stunning flowers! 

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Check out their website for more information! 

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