One of the best summer destinations in Ontario is a white sand beach that features some of the warmest waters in the province.

Crystal Beach is a coastal community that sits on the northeast shore of Lake Erie. It got its name from the 'crystal clear' waters that border its edge, which draws thousands of visitors every year from the GTA, Niagara Region and upstate New York.

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Because Lake Erie is the shallowest and smallest of the Great Lakes, its waters are able to heat up more quickly and to a greater extent. On hot summer days, water temperatures can reach the high 80-degree F range, which makes for a comfortably warm swim.

There are several exciting things to do in the area. Feel free to relax on the sands and get your tan on, or indulge in various waterside activities like sailing, paddleboarding and beach volleyball. Nearby, there's also a boardwalk with some outdoor snack bars, vendors and restaurants with patios where you can enjoy a satisfying meal and drink.

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You might want to book a hotel or one of the pastel cottages on the waterfront, because the town comes alive in the nighttime. Make sure to catch the beautiful sunset at the beach before the day's end, then hit up some dancehalls or lakeside parties under the stars to keep your night alive.

Crystal Beach is only two hours away from Toronto, making it perfect for a day trip or weekend stay.  Visit the Crystal Beach website for more information!

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