WestJet just came out with some good news for travelers in Toronto. The airline will be offering a few extra perks with the arrival of their new Dreamliner 787, and that includes daily cheap flights between Toronto and London's Gatwick airport. The WestJet Dreamliner prices are looking great, and you can book flights starting tomorrow, October 23. 

Flights will be departing from Toronto at 8:45 p.m., every day, and arriving in London at 9 a.m. the following day. 

The Dreamliner has 320 seats, in three cabins. Price ranges go from Business, Premium, and Economy. The economy class will get free food and drinks throughout the flight, as well as on-demand, in-flight entertainment. Not bad!

They've also added some upgrades to the planes, including motion sensors that detect turbulence and are designed to reduce motion sickness, according to their website

The Dreamliners will use 25% less fuel per passenger compared with any other aircraft of a similar size and will be 10% more fuel-efficient than the rest of its competition, according to Boeing. 

The best part? The ticket prices! Check out some of the prices we found while casually browsing.

Time to impulse buy some tickets to London! Some of the tickets from Toronto to London were as low as $240, so head to their website to see what you can find. 

The entire project seems to be aiming at making the trip as comfortable and affordable as possible, which is such a win for frequent flyers. Other updates to their new Dreamliner will include more humid air in the cabin, meaning your throat and eyes won't be done for by the time the 7-hour flight is over. 

They've also announced that the cabin will be quieter and more peaceful because they have reduced noise on their air conditioners and also reduced wall vibrations due to their engine's softer noise. 

They will also include a larger window size than any other aircraft, and the windows will be dimmable with the touch of a button. Fancy!

It looks like WestJet is going above and beyond this year to make sure Canadians are travelling in comfort and style, no matter what cabin they're in. 

"Our Dreamliner service is unique to WestJet and through increased domestic and transatlantic connections we're able to offer Canadians and visitors a superior experience whether travelling for business or leisure," Arved von zur Muehlen, their Chief Commercial Officer said in a news release

Toronto isn't the only one lucking out! Calgary and Vancouver will also get their fair share of amazing deals and destinations. Check out the details in this chart. 

 Happy travelling!

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