If there is one thing worse than snow . . . and rain . . . and freezing rain, it’s ice. Ice is the physical evidence that it’s more than -5 degrees outside, if the sliding roads and winds don’t get you first. But ice doesn’t have to be all bad, right? We love iced coffee, ice cream, and who doesn’t love some magical and enchanting ice caves?!

Yes, ice caves. While there are some small ones all across Ontario, the most majestic ones can be found in Manitoulin Island. A beautiful waterfall that turns into an ice cave during the colder season, the charm of Bridal Veil Falls has become both a popular summer and winter tourist destination.

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About a six hour drive from Toronto, the winter ice caves are some of the most beautiful sights in Northern Ontario. The split in the above river shapes the waterfall, which allows the ice caves to be formed for some extremely insta-worthy pictures. I would love go into more detail about how they’re formed, but, you know, I studied journalism for a reason (shout out to all the high school teachers who didn’t let me fail science).

While the inside of the caves are captivating, it’s up to you if you want to enter them. The view from the outside is just as stunning, so if you’re worried about missing out on the magic, don’t be!!

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For more information on how to get to the ice caves, you can check out this website!

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