The secret to landing great flight deals is patience. Generally speaking, the earlier you plan your trip, the higher your chances of coming across an amazing flight deal, and the huge savings you'll get will make enduring the wait completely worth it.

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A prime example of the benefits of patience is the following round trip flight deal from Toronto to Venice. According to Google Flights, usual prices for this trip typically average somewhere within the $900 range and can get as expensive as $1200. That being said, the flight deal below is listed at a staggering $530, which is pretty much a steal:

The only catch is that this deal is only available in January 2018, which is where the patience comes in. Departing on January 19, 2018 and Returning on January 26, 2018, the trip will allot you a week's worth of time to tour and experience the totality of Venice. While Januarys in Venice can still get rather chilly (with highs of around 7°C), there are still many incredible things to do in the city during the off-season, such as gondola rides through the morning mist and the Venetian Winter Festival.

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