Ontario is full of unique and interesting animals. From fuzzy furballs to slithery and slimy, a wide range of diversity exists in the province's northern forests, and one organization is dedicated to protecting and preserving those beautiful creatures.

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Science North is an interactive science centre in Sudbury that serves as an entertaining resource for science education. The founders established the centre with the aim of taking ordinary people through unique experiences that would make them gain a better understanding and appreciation of science and its significance in their daily lives. 

The centre houses several great facilities that visitors can explore, including an IMAX theatre, digital planetarium, butterfly gallery, outdoor garden and Special Exhibits Hall.

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Science North is also known for its incredible wildlife preservation program, which fosters several unique (and sometimes endangered) fauna characteristic to the North Ontario region. Among these are flying squirrels, which reside in their specialized Nocturnal Room. Many of them were orphaned when they were young, and they are raised and nurtured by caring staff and skilled veterinarians. 

Visitors will have a chance to learn about the lives of the furry flyers, from their first moments into the world as offspring to their survival as adults. On some occasions, the flying squirrels also participate in a show, where you might even have the chance to catch and pet one.

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For more information, visit Science North's official website


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