Even though we're still deep into winter and probably won't see the warmth and sunshine for another few weeks, it's definitely not too early to start planning for warmer days. Before we know it the snow will melt, the temperatures will rise, and the flowers will start to bloom which marks the beginning of spring and summer! 

If you're looking for some fun activities to make sure you take full advantage of the warm weather this year,  you should definitely add this adorable sunflower field to your list. Edwards Farms is home to a massive field filled with stunning yellow sunflowers just over 1 hour from Toronto near Barrie, Ontario.

Disclaimer: If you plan to visit this location, check their website for more information beforehand and please respect the environment. 

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Each summer the Edwards Farm sunflowers bloom creating a beautiful field full of bright yellow flowers! It's truly a sight to see and they welcome all visitors to experience their beauty up close and personal. The sunflowers usually begin to bloom at the end of July and last for about 2 weeks at their peak. 

They have trails throughout the field so visitors can stroll through and take pictures without invading the space of their plants and ruining the crops. It also makes it easier to feel like you're walking among these beautiful flowers! 

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The farm welcomes the public to come and visit and appreciate the beauty of the sunflowers every season but there is a fee to enter of $10. This goes to the upkeep of the farm for the next season! 

The farm also has a store that sells a variety of seeds as well as ice cream so that you can indulge in a snack to cool you down while you admire the beautiful plants around you. The owners encourage everyone who visits to be respectful of the property and the stunning flowers so that all visitors can appreciate it for many seasons to come! 

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Check out their Facebook page for more information and updates on when the flowers will be in full bloom this summer! 


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