British Columbia is filled with an abundance of hidden gems and wonders - if you venture outside of Vancouver you'll find so many surreal spots you won't believe you're still in BC!

There is no better time to hit the road and explore now that the warm, long, summer days are among us. Be sure to add these hikes to your summer bucket list - they will show you a side of BC that you've never seen before!

Whether you are into crisp, turquoise lakes, or beautiful, green forestry, this list will have something for you!

Wedgemount Lake // Whistler

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Considered one of the more difficult hikes in Garibaldi Provincial Park, it is absolutely worth it once you reach the breathtaking views at Wedgemount Lake. The amazing alpine scenery that you will witness when you complete the trek is unreal, and you will likely see snowcapped mountains regardless of the season!

Statlu Lake // Fraser Valley

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The summer months are the peak season to hike to Statlu Lake - and the views are certainly worth it. Like a scene straight out of a movie, the lake is relatively unknown and provides a serene spot to explore and relax at!

Carmanah Valley // Vancouver Island

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This spot is home to some of the world's largest spruce trees, some reaching heights in excess of 95 metres! The feeling of walking underneath these towering trees is absolutely surreal and awe-inspiring.

Calvert Island Trails // Calvert Island

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Calvert Island is only 32 kilometres long and 15 kilometres wide at its widest point, and there are various trails along the beach that lead to lookouts over the Pacific Ocean. The white sand beaches coupled with the blue waters will make you feel like you're in the tropics!

Pesuta Shipwreck Trail // Haida Gwaii

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There is a 10km return hike to the shipwreck on East Beach, and it is relatively easy and can be done year-round. The Pesuta was a 264 foot long barge that was shipwrecked in a storm in 1928, and is now a popular and unique spot to visit!

Crown Mountain // North Vancouver

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Located in North Vancouver, the Crown Mountain hike is considered difficult but on a clear, sunny day, the views are absolutely worth it. It only opens during the summer months due to safety concerns, so this time of year is perfect to visit if you are seeking a challenge!

Cathedral Grove // Nanaimo

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Located in MacMillan Provincial Park, the Cathedral Grove possesses some of the most beautiful Douglas Fir trees, some more than 800 years old. You will be able to stroll through a network of trails under the shadow of these towering, majestic trees!

Seton Lake Lookout // Lillooet

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A short hike will lead you to a viewpoint of the beautiful Seton Lake near Lillooet, and is absolutely worth the stop. Along Highway 99 (Duffy Lake Road), you can start the trail that will lead you to the lookout!

Berg Lake // Mount Robson

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The Berg Lake trail is a world-renowned hiking trail that takes hikers to some of the best scenery in British Columbia. The view of the glacier-fed lake is absolutely unforgettable, something you have to experience at least once in your life!

Mount Assiniboine // Great Divide

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Located in the Great Divide on the BC and Alberta border, this spot is a magnificent place of shimmering lakes, glaciers, mountains, and alpine meadows. During the summer months when the sky is clear, the picturesque scenery is out of this world!

Othello Tunnels // Hope

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A series of old train tunnels and bridges over the Coquihalla River, this area is located just east of the town of Hope in British Columbia. Due to the uniqueness of the spot, it has been featured in several films over the years!

Christie Falls // Ladysmith

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You may be thinking - there are so many waterfalls in British Columbia, and that is true. But this particular waterfall is relatively unknown and the hike is very pleasant, so it is the perfect spot to head to for some amazing views!

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