Looks like summer is coming to an abrupt end in Vancouver. The rain is back but I am not ready to let go of the warm weather. And since I always have vacations on the brain, I put together another list of amazing destinations across North America and over seas that you can fly to for super cheap this month!

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Looking for a short trip over the border? Flights to California are short (2.5 hours) and cheap and you can bet it won't be raining! Catch the last bit of baseball season and head to Boston, or do some shopping in New York. You'll be able to with all the money you save on your flights!

Although, I highly recommend heading further south to Mexico. This time of year is always cheap and the weather is tropical AF! Grab your girls, pack and bag, and get the F outta dodge ASAP!

I did all the hard work for you, so now all you have to do is click the 'Book Now' button!

Here are 15 cheap flights out of Vancouver this September:


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico // $436

Sept. 17th - Sept. 24th Book here. 


San Fransisco, California // $300

Sept. 13th - Sept. 18th Book here.


New York, New York // $461

Sept. 10th - Sept. 14th book here.


Cancun, Mexico // $497

Sept. 17th - Sept. 24th Book here.


Orlando, Florida // $365

Sept. 8th - Sept. 15th book here.


Las Vegas, Nevada // $316

Sept. 8th - Sept. 11th Book here. 


Fort Lauderdale, Florida // $402

Sept. 15th - Sept. 20th Book here. 


Bogata, Colombia // $698

Sept. 16th - Sept. 26th Book here


Bangkok, Thailand // $697

Sept. 12th - Sept. 26th Book here. 


Los Angeles, California // $259

Sept. 15th - Sept. 22nd Book here.


Austin, Texas // $366

Sept. 13th - Sept. 18th Book here.


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina // $415

Sept. 22 - Sept. 29th Book here.


Madrid, Spain // $870

Sept. 22 - Sept. 29th Book here.


Cozumel, Mexico //  $479

Sept. 17th - Sept. 24th Book here.


Boston, Massachusetts // $373

Sept. 14th - Sept 18th. Book here. 


Paris, France // $603

Sept. 22nd - Sept. 29th Book here.

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