That should really be all I need to say to make you want to go camping. But let's face it, it just doesn't have all the creature comforts that your apartment can offer. 

Convincing her to sleep outside can be tough, so that's why you HAVE to show her, or him (looking at you Mitch), that camping is the shit! Your s/o will DEFINITELY want to get all in that bush (ha) once they see how large your backyard is.

No, I'm not talking about the fence around your house. I'm talking about BC! We have the most gorgeous backyard in the world! And it's so accessible! So instead of aimlessly looking at the most boring campsites, here are some of the most beautiful, most picturesque ones to convince your girl who hates go camping.

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 1. Jones Lake // BC Hydro Recreation site Campground

Jones lake is just shy of a 2 hour drive away, but don't let the distance scare you away! It has 3 different camp sites around the lake for plenty of seclusion, while still being close enough to the city on the fly when she gets bored of the view.

(That's just a selling point, don't worry, she won't get bored of the view.)

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2. Ross Lake // Ross Lake Provincial Park Campground 

Tired of being surrounded by technology? Do you want to see the stars in all their glory? Need a romantic getaway where you can flex your manhood? Look no further! Go to Ross Lake!

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3. Tulameen // Otter Lake Provincial Park Campground 

You and your buddies trying to convince your girls to go camping? Perfect squad get away spot right her! Whether you want to go in a tent, an RV, or even a lodge, Tulameen has you covered. 

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4. Garibaldi Lake // Garibaldi Lake Campground 

This could be us right now girl, but you're playin'. With summer fast approaching, all the snow is melting off the mountains making for the most beautiful view of Garibaldi Lake you can get. Also, it's only a 1 hour drive up the coast (such a great drive), so no excuses! 

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5. Joffre Lakes // Upper Joffre Lakes Campsite 

This could also be us, but you're still playin'. You see the common theme here? LETS. GO. Because Joffre Lakes is amazing. Being just slightly past Whistler, it's a great pre or post trip camping stop if you find yourself at Whistler doing some hiking or in Pemberton attending music festivals. Either way, who wants to go for a swim?!

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6. Bowen Island // Howe Sound 

Bowen Island is far enough that you have to take a ferry to get there but close enough that you can still get cell phone reception, so in this rare instance you can have your cake and eat it too. Though Bowen Island doesn't techinically allow camping (whatever that means), it does have plenty of accomodation on the island to make for great "cabin camping" get aways!

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7. Davis Lake // Back Country Camping 

About 80km east of Vancouver is this absolutely stunning warm water lake. It's super easy to get to in terms of hiking abilities, and with it's quiet and peaceful atmosphere it's sure to make you want to come back every weekend for some R&R.

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8. Tofino // Bella Pacifica Campground 

As if we were going to leave Tofino out. As a local, I've come to realize how much we really take Tofino for granted. This is one of the greatest places to camp in the world to a lot of people, so why not try it out? Surfing all day and then watching all the lights at night sounds like an amazing vacation!

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9. Deep Cove // Twin Islands Campsite 

This is the ultimate camping trip to go on in Vancouver. Rent a kayak from Deep Cove Kayaks, get geared up, kayak over to twin islands and set up camp on your own private island for the night! You're completely secluded but you're only a 20 minute drive from Downtown Vancouver!

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