British Columbia has often been considered the best province for scuba diving and is among North America's better dive destinations. The water may be a little chilly, but what lies beneath the surface is an entirely new world, teeming with life and crawling with opportunity to really explore BC. Of the many amazing dive sites across the province, shipwrecks always standout as especially entrancing due to their extraneous nature. There is just something so creepy, yet incredibly captivating about seeing what so clearly belongs above water resting peacefully on the sea floor.

BC has numerous diveable wrecks, but some of the more popular ones make up what is know as the “Wreck Trek.” These underwater playgrounds are absolutely spectacular so I encourage anyone looking for a new adventure to embark down this exhilarating path. Getting your scuba certifications is so much fun and having the ability to breath underwater is truly one of the coolest experiences a human can have. For those of you who already scuba, these wrecks should definitely be on your list and to those entertaining the idea of getting gills – do it! You'll have a few courses to take at Ocean Quest before making it to these wrecks, but every dive is wonderful and now you know what waits for you down the road.

Dive into these 9 awesome wrecks and check out the Youtube links to see what wreck diving really looks like:

1. Xihuw Boeing 737

To start off the list, this wreck isn't actually a ship, but a plane. Intentionally sunk in 2006, divers now how the privilege of seeing what flying underwater would like. Found on Vancouver Islands, close to the community of Chemainus.

2. G.B. Church

On Vancouver Island, near the town of Sydney, in the waters of Princess Margaret Marine Park, the G.B. Church beckons for exploration. This 175 foot freighter lies far below the surface at 50-90 feet and provides a home to many creatures.

3. HMCS Mackenzie

Off Gooch Island, this retired vessel sits in 30-100 feet of water and offers many access holes into an even creepier world within. It was also once featured in an episode of X-Files, adding to its creepy appeal.

4. HMCS Saskatchewan and Cape Breton

These two wrecks rest close to one another near Nanaimo. They are used regularly for coast guard training so you know they're pretty legit. Humpback whales have even been spotted near the sites! I assure you, seeing a whale from below the surface brings a whole new meaning to whale watching.

Photo cred - Youtube

5. Vanlene

This ginormous 473 foot wreck sank in the Barkley Sound in 1972. It split in two and resides on a reef, making it one of the more dramatic dive sites.

Photo cred - Youtube

6. SS Capilano

In the center of the Strait of Georgia, in more than 100 feet of water, this sunken ship is overwhelmed with life, including dog sharks, which aren't too dangerous, but still exciting to swim with to say the least.

7. SS Themis

In 1906, this 270 foot Norwegian cargo ship went down near Crocker Rock in Queen Charlotte Strait. It has suffered a lot deterioration since then, but that only adds to the authenticity and charm.

8. HMCS Chaudiere

Lying on its side in 50 to 140 feet of water, this 366 foot Destroyer Escort resides elegantly as sea life consumes its features. Mounted guns with long barrels accentuate an already remarkable wreck.

9. HMCS Annapolis

Located in Hacklett Bay in Howe Sound, this impressive Military Vessel was retired and intentionally sunk in 2015. There are many unique explorable features, including a helicopter hanger. It's also only 25 minutes from Horseshoe Bay, meaning it's a great option if you don't have too much time to dive all around the province this summer.

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