There's not doubt about it that Vancouver is a beautiful place to be in the fall. Crimson red and tangerine orange shaded leaves and crisp, cool air encapsulates the city.

But enough about Vancouver, there are so many beautiful places in BC that often escape our minds. For one, dare I say even more naturally beautiful than Vancouver, Okanagan Falls Provincial Park of the Okanagan.

Just about a four hour drive away, 387 km east of Vancouver, escape to a scenic getaway hidden amongst the vines and the valleys.

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You probably already know about the Okanagan's amazing wines and wine tours in the summer, but it's just as amazing in the fall. With the changing seasons, the valley transforms and the Okanagan becomes a colorful and dazzling sight for sore eyes.

And at night, go stargazing and see unbelievable meteor showers and the Milky Way!

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Then drive up to Penticton and visit Kickininee Provincial Park, and if you're lucky enough, you might just catch the aurora lights! Sounds crazy right? Aurora Borealis in the Okanagan? Well, about once every month, a solar flare generates a large aurora storm that will send that green sparkle all the way to the Canadian border and spill over the horizon.

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And just around the corner, about an hour drive north to Kelowna, is the absolutely stunning Okanagan Lake.

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So grab your bags this weekend and let the autumn breeze take you to this magical place!

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