We all love to swim in the summer, but BC lakes are notoriously chilly which sometimes limits the amount of time we can spend in the water on a beautiful sunny day. That being said, there is a very warm lake not too far from Vancouver.

Osoyoos Lake is a spectacular swimming destination and proudly boast the title of warmest lake in Canada. It has several wonderful sandy beaches and the water is typically around 25 degrees Celsius during the months of July and August. Located at the southern most tip of BC's wine region, this lake is also surrounded by picturesque vineyards, rolling hills, and rocky bluffs.

Water sports are popular on the lake and there are many other outdoor activities offered in the vicinity, such as a lovely bike path and phenomenal hiking trails. There are plenty of lakeside resorts and cottages to accommodate a relaxing vacation on the water so start planning your trip today!

After spending a few days at Osoyoos Lake, you will almost certainly be at peace and that “refreshing” dip will become a welcomed experience rather than an intimidating apprehension. I know I might be exaggerating a bit – the water is sublime everywhere in BC, especially because we have built up a tolerance – but if you're yearning for a quick escape to the tropics, there isn't a better place to go within the province.

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