It's no surprise that some of the most exhilarating outdoor activities take place in British Colombia! The great outdoors is a rugged playground in BC, and Canada's westerly province features a bunch of forests, beaches and islands to explore. 

Whether you're a water adventurist or a land lover, BC has endless options for engaging outdoor activities, especially during fall. We're talking majestic mountains, mystical forests, crazy wildlife and the Pacific Ocean-- guaranteed to impress.

Below are some super exciting outdoor activities you can partake in BC this fall: 

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Go Kayaking At Desolation Sound

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Where: Desolation Sound Marine Park, BC

Desolation Sound in BC is huge-- it's about 14,000 acres of land not including marine islands (Copeland Islands, Malaspina Park and Roscoe Bay). Kayaking through warm Pacific oceans is an almost tropical-like experience in Desolation Sound, and make for outdoor activities like swimming and snorkelling especially enjoyable. Colourful marine life like schools of fish and larger marine mammals add to the fascination. Make sure to hit this spot before the snow falls!

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Go White Water Rafting At Kootenay River Runners

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Where: 4987 Highway 93Radium Hot Springs, BC, V0A 1M0, Canada

Kootenay River Runners raft on three of the BEST white water rivers in BC and Alberta. They offer mild trips or wild trips... all up to your preference or what you can handle. Perfect for a fun-filled family trip, or for frivolous and adventurous adrenaline-junkies. 

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Bike Ride At The Waterfront Walkway

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Where: Nakusp, BC 

This small town in Nakusp has transformed into a beautiful community by incorporating this waterfront biking trail. If you're a big biker, you'll really enjoy this area as many big tour bikes always pass by (this town totally embraces this lifestyle!) This waterfront walkway is designed to look like a Japanese zen garden, all catered to the details. via  

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Rock Climb At The Bugaboos via  

Where: Purcell Mountains, Bugaboo Provincial Park

Purcell Mountains in BC has always been kind of mysterious, especially for climbers and mountaineers. For one-- the place looks like it's out of @cabinporn's Instagram page. At this destination, you can sleep in Conrad Kain Hut, named after a famous climber who visited this site in 1910. One thing is for sure-- this spot is a climber's paradise!

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Snorkel with Seals

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Where: Nanaimo, Vancouver, BC

This excursion is a half-day trip where you can interact and play with seals! It is a short and scenic seaplane flight from Vancouver Harbour to Nanaimo, then a 15-minute boat ride to Snake Island. When you arrive, you're encouraged to jump into the water to snorkel with seals and other sea mammals! This is truly a unique experience that is flexible for snorkelers. All professional diving clear like wetsuits, masks and snorkels will be included in your tour. This activity makes for great digital content too, so don't forget your GoPro or underwater cameras. For more info, click here

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Explore The Top Of A Mountain Via The Sea To Sky Gondola

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Where: 36800 Hwy 99, Squamish, BC V0N 3G0

The Sea to Sky Gondola brings you to the top of the mountain to Summit Lodge. The ride is about 10minutes and once you're up there, the world is your oyster. All of BC's magnificent pieces of nature, trails, meadows, fields and rock climbing is yours to explore! Pro Tip: there is a restaurant and bar at the top. 

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Go Scuba Diving At Howe Sound 

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Where: Howe Sound, BC

Most visitors get distracted by all the other outdoor activities Howe Sound offers, but this spot offers some of the most beautiful aquamarine ocean waters people have seen. Apparently this BC spot offers some of the most gorgeous diving views and you can get extremely close to marine life at Bowyer Island. You can even view cool shipwrecks by Porteau Cove Provincial Marine Park and the Whytecliff Park Marine Protected Area.

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Go Whale Watching At Sunset

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Where: Victoria, BC

BC is renowned for incredible whale watching experiences. Why not spend an afternoon watching one of earth's greatest mammals in an inspiring nature-viewing boat? There are boat tours you can book to ensure you spot whales during sunset, the prettiest time of day.

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Go Fishing For Fresh Salmon in Haida Gwaii

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Where: Langara Island, Haidi Gwaii 

Langara Island (the name even sounds cool) is one of the best sport fishing and wildlife experiences in BC. It features luxury lodges, jaw-dropping wildlife, and world-famous salmon fishing. There's just something about grilling the catch of the day. This remote location has a variety and LARGE abundance of fish. The time you're relaxing while not fishing, you can spend time with dolphins, whales, sea lions, cute little otters and even spot eagles!

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Ride Horses Through Muskwa-Kechika

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Where: Northeastern BC

Wayne Sawchuk has been leading majestic horseback expeditions into the norther Rocky Mountain backcountry for decades. For some reason, it's giving me Leo DiCaprio The Revenant vibes. This destination shows off 15 million acres of wilderness and features two dramatically rushing rivers. Wayne sometimes leads expeditions for 15 whole days by horseback. It's pure majestic adventure.

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Raft the Tatshenshini-Alsek Rivers

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Where: Northwestern BC

This iconic river system is arguably one of the most incredible on earth. This is one of those destinations you'll find in a travel mag and think: I can't believe places like this exist in the world. I need to see it for myself. You can raft past actual GLACIERS, floating icebergs and even spot grizzly bears that live in this bio-reserve (it's also a UNESCO World Heritage Site so you know it's legit). This trip usually starts in the Yukon and travels through Northwest BC and into freaking Alaska.

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Try a Floatplane Mountain Bike Trip

Where: South Chilcotin Mountains, BC (5hrs north of Whistler)

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If you're really craving a unique outdoor adventureTyax Adventures will actually fly you into the backcountry (bike and gear included) and drop you off on a godforsaken lake. Sounds like the beginning of an unpredictable journey, right? Don't worry-- after all the confusing trail navigations, you can relax at Tyax Wilderness Resort & Spa or continue the adventure by booking an overnight country campsite.

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Play Basketball At Kitsilano Beach

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Where: Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC

This lovely beach offers playgrounds, swimming rafts, tennis courts, basketball courts and a waterfront restaurant. If you're looking to get outside for a bit but don't want to do something super drastic like go on a horseback expedition for 14 days, this simpler option is just as fun! 

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Hike in the Rainbow Mountains At Tweedsmuir Provincial Park

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Where: Tweedsmuir Provincial Park

Is it even a BC travel article if hiking isn't in it? For a remote world-class hike, try doing a day hike at Rainbow Mountains. This is the type of secluded spot where you need to be self-sufficient and be aware of bears (you'll see very few people). The hike is about 8km one-way, and you'll enjoy wildflowers, coastal mountain views, a beautiful lake, wildlife and the magnificent colours of the mountains that people call the "Rainbow Range."

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Admire Wildlife At Richmond Nature Park

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Where: Richmond, BC

The wildlife in Richmond, BC doesn't end at just mere bird watching... there are many thriving wildlife habitats that serve as the homes of adorable plants and creatures. Frogs, butterflies, otters, migratory birds, sea lions, river otters, and hummingbirds are some of the mammals you might spot at this Richmond Nature Park. For a full brochure of what animals you might see, click here.

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Find Hidden Treasures by Geocaching 

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Where: Richmond, BC

For an exciting day out, another unique outdoor experience is geocaching-- using a smartphone or GPS device to find 'hidden treasures' around the city. This type of activity really reminds me of scenes from old cartoons as a kid. Richmond actually implemented a GeoTour program, which is like a game using online clues to navigate your way and find 'secret stashes.' The caches are hidden in parks, trails and community centres that are scattered across the city. Whoever successfully finishes the game can win a prize! For more info, click here.

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If you haven't explored these rich areas of BC before or participated in these types of outdoor activities, you're assured to engage in a new and one-of-a-kind experience. It's probably a good idea to get out of the house and enjoy the great outdoors too, before the extreme weather hits. There are always endless outdoor activities to do-- it just seems there's never a dull moment in BC!

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