All across Canada, you can find an assortment of outstanding places to eat. This includes dives, high-end restaurants, chains exclusive to the country, mom-and-pop stores, bars, and cafes. But to eat somewhere truly unique, one must be able to use their eyes, and more importantly, get out of their comfort zone. 

As for truly different dining experiences, well, B.C. may just take the cake. After all, which other provinces can boast that they fly guests up to an actual glacier in order to feed them with more than just an A+ view? The answer is not many. B.C. likes to "wow!", and "wow!" it does. 

So, if you want a dining experience that's a little out of the norm, you better keep scrolling and check out these amazing spots that B.C. has to offer... 

High-Altitude Dining

Where: Whistler 

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For an experience unlike any other, visit The Four Seasons Hotel in Whistler. While staying there, book a table on a glacier. The hotel will dress you up in a Goose jacket and Sorrel boots then fly you up to a remote location on a helicopter. Once there, you'll get to sip on a glass of champagne and a snack while exploring an ice-cave. The mixologist will also mix you a cocktail with glacier ice. Afterward, you will be flown to a private residence with panoramic views for a luxurious dinner. Take note: you have to reserve two weeks in advance. 

River Safari

Where: Blue River

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After watching grizzly bears deep in the wilderness, you can sit down in this floating restaurant and binge on freshly caught salmon, berries, and much of the game you might have come across while on tour. Essentially, you'll be eating like the bears you've come all this way to see. This is a classy North American safari at it's finest. 

Storm Crow Tavern

Where: Vancouver

Via Storm Crow Tavern

As far as nerd-bars go, Storm Crow pretty much takes the cake. There are two locations in Vancouver under this banner. One in a large space on West Broadway, the other, the original, on Commerical Drive. Not only is the decor something you'd see in a Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons obsessed kid's room, but all of their cocktails have distinctively nerdy names and themes. Additionally, you can play board games while you sip on a Romulan Ale or a Wakanda Smash. Both locations are also occasionally visited by celebrities like Elijah Wood who enjoy the splendor of nerdy fans. 

Taste of the Ashram

Where: Kootenay Bay

Via Taste of the Ashram

A yoga retreat mixed with fine dining; that's what you'll find at Taste of the Ashram. You don't have to join the retreat to stop by. You can simply come, dine, and tour one of the longest-running spiritual communities in North America. All you need to do is phone ahead in order to sit by the lake and dine on a beautiful nutritious lunch.  

Dark Table

Where: Vancouver

Via Dark Table Facebook

Ever wonder what it would be like to be blind? Probably not, but you can find out by going to this Vancouver restaurant. The host and hostess meet you outside, show you the menu, then guide you to your table which is in complete darkness. From there you'll be forced to find out if you have the skills to eat and communicate when you can't see a foot in front of you. 

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

Where: Golden

Via Kicking Horse Resort

Dine at Eagle Eye's restaurant which sits on a mountaintop with an elevation of over 7500 feet. Needless to say, the view of the Canadian Rockies is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The restaurant is part of the high-end Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, so you should expect a meal almost as good as the insane view. Even if you're staying at the Resort, a reservation is necessary.

Dinner In The Sky

Where: West Vancouver/North Vancouver

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Be suspended over 100 feet off the ground to enjoy a fine dinner and a stellar view of Vancouver. The traveling outdoor restaurant is only operational for 3 months in Vancouver during the summer, so make sure you plan accordingly. If you're afraid of heights, this definitely shouldn't be your first choice. That is unless you want to conquer your fear. Nothing helps to get over a crippling fear of height quiet like a nice meal. Although, be prepared to shell out some major coin if you choose to do this. Also, make sure you don't drink a lot of water right before going up because they're not letting you back down until after dinner. 

Tofino Resort and Marina

Where: Tofino, Vancouver Island

Via Tofino Resort and Marina

This is the ultimate farm to table experience. What sets it apart from other restaurants of its nature is that you're the one who does the farming. That's right, you take a charter boat out into the deep blue, catch some fish and bring it back to the chefs for them to grill up for you. There's nothing quite like eating something you've caught, but it's even better when it's prepared by master professionals. 

Backyard Farm

Where: Oliver

Via Backyard Farms

Backyard farm describes itself as "old world" eating. This is because everything served at their Chef's Table restaurant is only sourced from the area. This includes all of the Okanagan's outstanding wineries, beef raised ethically and without hormones and antibiotics, and treats grown on the farm itself. The rustic restaurant is planted in the middle of a 2-acre hobby orchard ensuring that you get to enjoy a serene setting while chowing down on local food prepared by a master chef. 

Wheelies Motorcycles

Where: Victoria

Via Wheelies Motorcycles

This fully-functioning motorcycle shop also has a full menu for Sunday-morning brunchers and ice-cream sandwich lovers of all ages. There's no doubt that it was a smart idea to entice motorcycle-riders to come by the shop for their custom bikes, but also to want to keep them there for a root-beer braised pork sandwich, a cold beer, and live music. But it was even more intelligent to make this place appeal to just about anyone. 

Fly N' Dine

Where: Vancouver/Bowen Island

Via Harbour Air

Harbour Air offers a unique service to those who wish to add a bit of adventure to their dining experience. It all begins by hopping on a seaplane in downtown Vancouver. From there, you're flown for twenty minutes above the absolutely gorgeous harbour. Then you land on Bowen Island where you're taking to Doc Morgan's restaurant. Afterward, you get on a ferry and get picked up by a private town car on the other end. Bowen Island is in an odd spot right next to the mainland, this service certainly makes it easier to enjoy its natural beauty. 

Tandem Bike Cafe

Where: Vancouver

Via Tandem Bike Cafe

Tandem is a combination of a bicycle-repair shop and a fully functioning cafe.  The two owners of this joint venture have been good friends for many years and decided to combine their specific expertise. What they got is a cozy, charming neighborhood staple that's the first of its kind in Vancouver. It's a great place to grab a cup of coffee while you watch your bike get a check-up. Sure, Tandem may not be as extravagant as some of the entries on this list, but it's welcoming with a stellar menu of handmade treats. Also, their peanut butter and date smoothies are to-die-for. 

Swallow Tail

Where: Vancouver

Via Swallow Tail

Everyone loves a good secret, right? Well, you can discover one just for you if you sign up for the Swallow Tail's Secret Supper Club. They will send you a date, an address, and a time. Go. Always go. Because they will pick a unique location to feature one of their surprise celebrity chef's work. When you receive an email, get on this fast because these events always sell out. 

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