Tropical blue oceans and a white sandy beach are all you need to transport you to the Caribbean. Stretches of untouched sand and just the sound of the wind and the waves.

Sounds like miles and miles and a $500 plane ticket away doesn't it? Wrong! There's a little known hidden gem located on our very own Vancouver Island that offers the same relaxing, calming tropical vibes just a short travel away from the city. Would you even believe this place exists in Canada?

Located just 400 km away from Vancouver and 100 km away from Port Hardy on Vancouver Island, Calvert Island is the white sand island that only exists in your most tropical dreams. 

This remote island is pretty well uninhabited and is only 32 km long and 15 km wide (I know, tiny). There are literally no roads, no streets, no buildings, nothing. But that being said, while there might not be any hotels or Airbnbs to stay at, there are ample free campsites making this place a camper's paradise.


Though you might have to bring your own gear, there are plenty activities to do - swimming, biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, just to name a few. Or you can simply just lie on the beach with a book in hand and doze off into the evening. And after a long day, it's definitely worth looking up into the sky and taking in all the sky and its sunset beauty.

Calvert Island is rather remote so it can be difficult to access. However, there are seaplanes and chartered boats that you can take from Vancouver, Port Hardy, Bella Coola and Bella Bella. You can also take the BC Ferries’ Discovery Coast Passage service that goes between Port Hardy and Bella Coola, and simply get off at the Bella Bella stop.


So forget waiting until summer or your next vacation time off, just take a weekend to visit the undiscovered beauty on the Island and bask in its calming sea breeze and tropical paradise vibes. Calvert Island is only a hop, skip and a jump away.



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