It is without a doubt that BC gives travellers some of most gorgeous, earthy and natural views of Canada... but there is a travel destination near Vancouver (a 40-minute drive, to be exact) and it is absolutely breathtaking. 

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Howe Sound is located in Squamish, British Colombia is the world's most southerly fjord (a fjord is a long, deep and narrow body of water with steep sides or cliffs created by a glacier. They're often set in a U-shaped canyon with abrupt rock walls on either side). Fjords are mainly found in Norway, Greenland, Chile, New Zealand, Canada and Alaska.

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Since Howe Sound is the most southerly fjord, you won't find a single other fjord on EARTH below the latitude of this special destination in BC. Here are some breathtaking views from some excited sightseers: 

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At Howe Sound, you have endless activity options besides gazing in awe at their gorgeous blue views. Here are some breathtaking activities you can do in the area: 

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Howe Sound extends from West Vancouver northwards to Squamish and it is filled with secret coves, islands and opportunities to spot marine wildlife for hikers, paddle boarders, sailors, kite surfers and sightseeing tourists all year round. Oh, this destination is also one of the most beautiful areas to stargaze... so remember to pack a blanket!

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Howe Sound is definitely one of Canada's wonders. Where else can you conveniently road trip forty minutes from the city and watch orcas, dolphins, eagles, seals and swim in AQUAMARINE waters? Gorgeous travel locations like this should make everyone feel proud to live in Canada.

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