There are only a few spots on the map still left blank. Few undiscovered paradises waiting for exploration. This means that most of the places where we went to as children to unwind and play are now packed with tourists and built up to accommodate them. And let's face it, party towns are fun but sometimes we just need a bit of peace and quiet. Sometimes we need to get in touch with our souls and escape the hustle and bustle. This is precisely what the tiny town of Tulameen has to offer.

Tulameen is nestled alongside Otter Lake about halfway between Hope and Penticton. It's a recreational town with not much in the way of infrastructure. In fact, most of its attractions are completely natural. Having said that, there are an assortment of Instagram-worthy, well-looked after homes and cottages waiting to be rented by those wishing to get back to their roots or find them for the very first time. 

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The lake-side country town only has about 250 permanent residents, so you're sure to get to know a few of them. It's the ideal spot for diving into a warm lake, beers by the river, hiking, scaling rock-faces, and playing drunken late-night games of Kick-The-Can. Or maybe you just want to stroll along the trails and see where they take you. 

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Tulameen is a natural paradise. It's picturesque all year round, to say the least. In fact, you may come to think that it's one of the most beautiful places in the world because there are so few distractions. You have to focus on the rolling hills, rippling waterfalls, and trees older than time. There are no loud clubs, bustling town-squares, or even more than one restaurant, gas station or liquor store. Yes, this is the definition of a small town. And, oh yeah, you can walk absolutely everywhere. 

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The closest town to Tulameen is Princeton, which has all the restaurants and shops one would need if they needed to get back to that lifestyle in a hurry. But chances are, once you're in Tulameen, you won't want to leave. This is a town that's stuck to its beautifully simplistic roots. From Vancouver, it only takes about 3 and a half hours to drive there. The short distance actually really shows how much quiet space there is once you leave the big city or any of the trendy resort towns that B.C. has to offer. 

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You can find out so much more about the town of Tulameen, how to get there, and where to stay on their official website found here

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