When it comes to finding peace and serenity in nature, there is no better place than by the roaring side of a majestic waterfall. British Columbia has many of Canada's most gorgeous falls, but some are prettier than others, and even still, some are less crowded.

Brandywine Falls is one such waterfall and it's less than 2 hours away! On the way to Whistler from Vancouver, about 47 km north of Squamish, the flowing water rumbles over cliff to the pool below. It is stunningly beautiful from the viewpoint, but you can walk close as well and feel the mist on your face.

The spectacular 70 meter waterfall resides proudly in Brandywine Falls Provincial Park. After a short 1 km hike on a well marked and maintained trail, you will arrive at the base of the falls and be completely blown away by its raw, elegant power. Named after a wager, Brandywine was coined after two surveyors bet a bottle of brandy on who could guess the height of the waterfall.

The hike is open from April to November. Dogs are allowed in the park which is always nice if you want a hiking companion. What is really cool about this park though, is that there are several ways to experience the falls - from afar, from right below, AND even from atop the cliff beside the drop. All this means you are sure to get a few sweet photos.

There are also several wonderful trails in the area, making this a great place to explore. The falls flows into Daisy Lake which is a great spot for a quick dip. There are dozens of picnic tables around the park. Lastly, but certainly deserving mention, there is a Bungee Bridge which crosses the Cheakamus River from an impressive height.  So next time you are headed to Whistler, this park is definitely worth checking out.

Photo cred - @ryanknightphoto

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