Travelling by van is becoming more and more popular amongst millennials. It’s literally the best way to travel if you want to save money and live comfortably all while seeing all of the people, places, and things possible. Globally, it has become the thing to do. But did you know that Vancouver is the most Instagrammed #VanLife location? It’s not all that surprising when you see the pictures. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Vancouver is gorgeous.

So when Narcity received data that Vancouver was the most Instagrammed #VanLife destination in the world, we weren't at all surprised. 

According to Simply Savvy, the hashtag #VanLife started in November of 2011 and now it has over 6.4 million users worldwide. That’s a lot of vans.

What started as a photo project by Foster Huntington has now turned into a global movement with an incredible amount of people travelling to our gorgeous city and beyond. 

By gathering info from over 25,000 #VanLife Instagram posts, the company was able to find what destination was a favourite amongst motor-home lovers and wanderlust seekers. 

Out of the entire world, Vancouver came in at the number one spot. The west coast city beat out some hard-hitting travel destinations to earn that ranking.

We knew our city was known amongst foodies for having epic food and even better drinks but apparently, it is also a hot spot for van aficionados. 

According to the data, Vancouver took the number one spot by quite a distance. 

Simply Savvy speculates that this may be due to the “microculture of urbanities who choose to live in vans even while they work their day job.”

Out of the photos analyzed, Vancouver had 236 geolocations. Next in line was Los Angeles with only 52.

All things considered, it makes sense that Vancouver dominated the list. 

In September, Vancouver was named as one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world. 

Our gorgeous location has also been recognized as being the most friendly city in the entire world. How Canadian of us. 

Other Canadian locations on the expanded top 20 list include Banff and Richmond. 

A large majority of the locations on the list are in the United States and Venice, Italy secured a spot on the list as well.

If this list doesn't give you a case of the travel bug, we don't know what will. Who wants to buy a van together? 

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