If you're anything like me, you freaking love scrolling through Airbnb's Insta and obsessing over the incredible the vacation homes in Bali, Marrakech, and sometimes even the most unexpected places, like some random town in Texas.

The only thing keeping us away: distance. Okay, and maybe money. Lol.

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But what if I told you one of the coolest vacation homes you could ever stay in your entire life was just right in your own Canadian backyard?

Just a few hours away from Vancouver at Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island is the home to three insanely cool spherical tree houses you can actually stay overnight in! These tree houses are literally your childhood dreams on steroids.

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The Free Spirit Spheres are three spherically built tree houses that are suspended within the lush greenery of Vancouver Island. Each treehouse is handcrafted and totally unique from each other. Varying between 1-3 people that each can sleep, the tree houses are the perfect cozy getaway for you and your S/O or your closest BFFs.

Each treehouse is electrically heated, have fold out beds with extra warm duvet covering, and have a huge skylight so you feel like you're kind of outside in the wilderness, all the while still in a cozy atmosphere. The "Eve" treehouse even has built-in speakers so you fully immerse yourself in music and nature.

Rates start at about $175 to $314 per night depending on which treehouse you decide to stay in.

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To learn more about the Free Sprit Sphere visit them here.

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