The weather outside might be frightful, but we're Manitobans. We can deal. Winter lasts six months, and we know you want to get out there. Everybody knows The Forks is the place to be as soon as the skating rinks and the river trail open up, but what if you're looking for something a little different?

Manitoba is full of winter wonderlands. Nope, you don't have to hit the Rockies for snowy adventures. There're lots of photo-worthy places to visit without even leaving the province. If you're looking for snowshoeing, ice fishing or cozying up in a cabin, we gotchu. If you just want to look at gorgeous pictures while you curl up on your couch with some Little Pizza Heaven, we got you covered too.

Here are 11 of the best spots for your next local winter adventure. 

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1. Hecla

You know the lighthouse looks great in the summer, but Hecla's worth a look in the winter too. Plus it's an excuse to hit up Salka Spa.

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2. Falcon Lake

Home of the super-cool Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes and some Instagrammable landscapes, Falcon Lake isn't just for wake boarding.

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3. Whiteshell Provincial Park

Let's face it – the entire Whiteshell is gorgeous year-round.

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4. Fort Whyte Alive

There's beauty lurking in our own backyard. Plus, it's a chance to say hi to the bison. They need some winter love too!

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5. Lake Winnipeg

Lake Winnipeg might be freezing cold, but there's never a bad time of year to check out your friend's winterized cabin.

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6. Pisew Falls Provincial Park

This one's a bit of a drive from the Peg, but the falls are always worth a visit if you're near Thompson.

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7. Pretty much anywhere up north

Nothing beats a snowmobile ride through the True North.

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8. Riding Mountain National Park

And park admission is free for all of 2017!

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9. Birds Hill Provincial Park

Yes, you normally go there for the beach or when you want to get back into rollerblading, but it's great for winter hikes too.

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10. St. Malo

Take a drive through town, stop by the park and just enjoy the snow-covered farmlands.

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11. Right here in Winnipeg

The downtown lights and art installations like Heaven Between on Broadway make Winnipeg glow in the dead of winter. Plus, you can check them out without leaving town!

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