Canada is a pretty amazing country, I think we can all agree with that statement. There's a perfect balance between bustling city life and scenic nature views that a lot of countries just aren't lucky enough to have. You can go from lush forests to still freshwater lakes with sandy shorelines to concrete jungles with towering skyscrapers! 

It's no surprise with all of this magnificent nature that we can take full advantage of it and plan something seriously amazing like this concert series happening inside actual mountain caves this month! 

If you love music and appreciating all of the wonderful nature we have at our fingertips, the Spirit in the Mountain concert series is where you need to be this winter. 

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The Spirit in the Mountain event will be taking place inside Canmore Caves at Grotto Mountain in Alberta! There will be four nights of music where four different bands will play inside this unique venue for a truly once in a lifetime Canadian experience. 

From December 14th-17th you can purchase a ticket to the show to see these four bands: The Silkstones, Elk Run & Riot, Trundled, and Seth Anderson perform inside the cave walls! 

But this event doesn't just offer a concert, it's an entire experience. When you arrive at the site you'll hike for 40 minutes to the cave entrance where you'll then have to climb and crawl through the cave's tight passageways which will take around 45 minutes to reach the Grand Gallery deep within the caves! 

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This event is all about getting you into the holiday spirit with the performer's 45-minute performance! It's a totally unique experience that's totally worth it because of the trek that it takes to get there. 

Tickets are still on sale for all nights of the event and they're going for $129 each. The event will last a total of 6 hours with 3 of those being underground in the caves. They include all the cave-trekking gear, snacks, and water for the event and they encourage you to bring your cameras to take photos! 

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Check out their website for more information and to buy your tickets! 


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