Portugal is a top destination for Canadians because it has everything. You'll find gorgeous beaches, historic architecture and incredible food. If you've ever wanted to tan on the beaches of Porto or wander the old streets of Lisbon, now is your chance to get to Portugal and make it happen. Portugal is a really affordable European destination and it's much more affordable than places like Spain or Italy. 

Right now, you can get flight deals from Toronto to Lisbon this fall for under $500. Lisbon is one of the oldest capital cities in Europe and you'll find that the modern and the old-world combine beautifully in Lisbon. You can explore nearby cities while on your trip, too, like colourful Porto and Lagos with its ancient walled city.

Unlike cities like Rome and Barcelona, Lisbon receives fewer visitors so you will spend less time in lineups for museums and avoiding tourist traps and more time getting an authentic travel experience. Whether you're craving a solo travel adventure or planning a getaway with your favourite travel buddy, you should get in on this deal now so you can be on your way to eating pasteis de nata in no time!

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Here's how to get the deal

The internet works in strange and unusual ways. There are two steps required to find the cheapest prices for this flight deal—first you search on Google Flights and use their calendar to find the cheapest dates for travel. Then, you put those dates into Skyscanner and you'll find slightly cheaper prices.

Via Skyscanner

I searched for flights from Toronto (YYZ) to Lisbon, Portugal (LIS) from Friday, October 18 to Thursday, November 11. The flights I found were as cheap as $464! Sounds too good to be true? The only caveat for this amazingly cheap roundtrip nonstop flight is that it's carry-on only.

Flying with just carry-on luggage is actually amazing. It saves time while travelling (goodbye, baggage carousel!) and forces you to carefully select what you bring with you and take home. You'll also save money since you can't fill a suitcase with souvenirs and knickknacks. Airlines might even offer to check your little suitcase free of charge since they like to have more room in their overhead compartments. 

For more info on this flight deal, check out YYZ Deals.

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