Sometimes we all want to get away...far, far away...

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And sometimes an all inclusive hotel just doesn't seem far enough away. So why not your own ISLAND? 

That's right: this Airbnb called "Bird Island' is a small island all on its own inside a coral reef that is surrounded by protected waters. It is absolutely perfect for anyone interested in escaping reality for hours and hours of snorkeling and diving . 

Situated off the coast from Placencia, Belize, this piece of paradise still comes with all the amenities of home, including WiFi and 3 beds, that can fit up to 6 people. The island costs roughly $600 a night, depending on the season, and the boat trip from the village of Placencia over to this private island is also included. So split between 6 people it is definitely doable, and I have a PRIVATE ISLAND to your disposal. 

But really... LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS. The ultimate getaway...from literally everything. 

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