When I was 10 years old, my mom told me we could go on a trip to anywhere in the world and I got to pick the destination. I chose to go to the West Edmonton Mall because I really wanted to stay in the Fantasyland Hotel! We stayed in the Luxury African Room and had the most amazing time.

Looking back on my decision as an adult, I feel pretty foolish for wanting to go to Edmonton instead of New York or Paris. Still, the draw of being immersed in the theme of a hotel suite isn't lost on me. There's a hotel in Mexico City that has transformed one of their suites into what can only be called a dream-come-true for Barbie fans and it's seriously nostalgic. 

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You can stay inside a life-sized Barbie DreamCamper in a unique faux-glamping experience that you've never seen before.

The Hilton Hotel has partnered with Mattel to create this suite to celebrate Barbie's 60th Anniversary. This luxury experience might be camping-themed but it is far from being out in the woods! All of the comforts of a luxury hotel with just a twist of camp nostalgia.

There's even a Barbie menu at the hotel full of pink foods like a Barbie smoothie, pink fruit pancakes and a heart-shaped pizza. The hotel's rooftop swimming pool is incredible and they have extended the Barbie aesthetic out on the pool deck, too!

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Via Hilton

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To book your reservation for a stay in this incredible suite, check out the Hilton Santa Fe's website. Rates for The Barbie® Room experience start from around $250 CAD. The hotel is in the heart of Mexico City's business district. Keep a lookout for a cheap flight to Mexico and go glamping like a Barbie doll ASAP because this experience will only be available until December this year.

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