Have you seen the 90’s box office hit Titanic so many times that you’ve memorized the lines? Maybe you just love anything spooky or haunted. Or are you someone who’s interested in early 20th century relics? You are? Excellent! 

Then we have just the trip of a lifetime for you! Because 3 spots just opened up on a trip to the site of RMS Titanic for this summer. The real ship that spawned the James Cameron mega blockbuster hit with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. 

Now before we sign you up though, you must have have some serious disposable cash lying around for this - and by that we mean a lot of cash. 

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Yes, that is a catch if you want to reenact Jack and Rose scenes at the RMS Titanic. You have to have an extra $130,000 in your bank account or stuffed into your mattress in order to even consider signing up for the once in a lifetime event.   

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The trip will last for 6 weeks and will include submarine dives down to the wreck of the ill-fated ship. 

This isn’t exactly a pleasure cruise though, in order to go you have to complete a training exercise on how to escape a helicopter in water and be able to climb a 6-meter steel ladder. 

So if you aren’t really adventurous maybe this isn’t for you. Then again how else are you ever going to see this ship up close and personal?   

Via Wikipedia

More people have been to outer space than have explored the wreck of the Titanic. 

And if you can’t afford the price tag this year don’t worry, there’s another trip being planned for next year so start saving your pennies. 

Source: National Post

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