Calling all animal lovers! You can actually go walking through the forest with wolves at this incredible sanctuary near Vancouver. The Predators of the Heart Sanctuary welcomes visitors for an exclusive two-hour Wolf Encounter Experience that you can book through Airbnb. 

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Two wolf ambassadors named Max and Kakoa will walk alongside you through the wilderness of the sanctuary compound. Don't worry, there will also be a human guide! This is a great way to learn about these large canines and what they're actually like in real life.

You'll get a chance to meet and play with them and the photo ops are unbelievable. There's a special photo area set up to help you capture the perfect moment with you and the wolves. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a kiss from one!

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Visiting an animal sanctuary is a great way to support animal welfare and education. Predators of the Heart works in wolf conservation, exotic animal rescue, and wildlife education. It's not just these gorgeous wolves who call this place home, there are also cougars, foxes, birds of prey, reptiles, and other rescued critters!

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The Predators of the Heart Sanctuary is only available to experience through Airbnb and it's $275 per person. The sanctuary is near Anacortes, Washington on Fidalgo Island and it's about a two-hour drive from Vancity. If you love wild animals, you need to check this off your bucket list!

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